• Available Candidates

    The Veritas Careers interview approximately 5 high quality candidates a day that don't perfectly match our clients briefs. Our regular Clients update us on their requirements periodically enabling us to match high quality motor traders to a high quality motor trade job.

    If you have a particular requirement please let us know, we could be interviewing the team member of your dreams as you are reading this text.

Listed here are just a few examples of our latest outstanding available candidates. 

If you think any of our Candidates listed here could be a good fit for a gap in your team or if you have a particular requirement please get in touch with Darin on 07772 232611 or using the contact us buttons.

Please note we have protected our candidates anonymity in these descriptions.

At Veritas we are determined to be different. We recognise that our clients do not want another pile of indifferent CV’s to trawl through. Rather they want to spend their time speaking to high quality candidates whose skills, experience and attitude closely match the brief they give us.


 Our clients can expect candidates to be submitted that are screened, interviewed and assessed for their suitability for the role - based upon their brief. A team member with experience of recruiting for the role will present a detailed rationale – and interview notes - along with every submitted CV.

Senior Sales Executive

North Staffordshire / South Cheshire

Having recently moved into the area Alan is looking for a new challenge with a progressive local employer.

Alan at interview was warm, open and candid. He listened carefully to my questions and provided thoughtful and credible answers. Alan is a student of the business, enjoys learning new skills and is passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Alan can demonstrate a stable CV as well as the magic blend of great volume, brilliant upsell and exceptional customer feedback.


East Midlands

Keith at interview displayed the traits I would expect of a qualified and experienced senior technician. Quietly spoken, intelligent and analytical, Keith listened carefully to my questions and gave credible and thoughtful answers.

Keith has enjoyed a stable CV throughout his career usually staying with employers for many years. 

Keith has a wealth of experience and qualifications gained in both franchise and independent workshops. He has worked as a senior technician and in more supervisory roles, supporting his colleagues in large workshops. Due to a change in his current employers circumstances Keith is reluctantly looking to make a change.

Service Advisor


Jane at interview was warm, friendly and positive. She thrives on dealership life and loves working in a team. Her stable CV reflective of her gregarious and hard-working approach to the job.

Jane can demonstrate a track record of exceptional customer service and of being a team player in both service and warranty roles. Her maturity and example to the team has meant she has been asked to deputise in both front and back of house for managers in their absence.

General Manager

North Yorkshire

William is looking for a new challenge to match his skills, experience, and proven track record.


A mature, intelligent, and articulate individual with a palpable passion for the role. William has experience of working in both prestige and volume operations. As he climbed the ladder within a franchise environment, he was able to prove his capability in both the sales and after sales function.


William can demonstrate a track record team stability, exceptional results across all dealership disciplines as well as turning around businesses with significant historical problems. His unassuming style hides a driven people developer who inspires loyalty and the discretional effort from his team that marks out the best in leadership.

Car Sales Executive


A warm and personable individual, passionate about delivering an outstanding customer experience, Rich impressed me throughout our 40 minute interview.

Describing himself as a disciplined and highly organised Sales Executive, Rich is used to being a top performer in his business. He has managed, by hard work and diligence, to hit that sweet spot of excellent volume, the best upsell in his team and outstanding customer feedback, examples of which he was proud to share with me during our conversation.

After a long and stable period with one employer as their top performer, Rich allowed himself to make a change after the offer of progression was dangled. He recognises the need to correct his error and find a progressive local employer with whom he can demonstrate his talent, hard work and commitment.

Car Sales Executive

South Lancashire

An articulate and intelligent individual with a genuinely personable and engaging personality and a highly professional approach Phil was a joy to interview. 

Phil has enjoyed a stable career for the last 7 years with just one employer. Describing himself as a disciplined and structured. Phil has performed consistently for his current employer – putting his success down to his listening skills, patience and genuinely enjoying talking to customers – however initially difficult. 

Phil has worked in the last three years as a selling Sales Controller honing his skills at managing his teams performance as well as delivering an outstanding sales and customer satisfaction performance.

Car Sales Executive

West Yorkshire

Brimming with enthusiasm and energy, Harry sounded like a Sales Executive on his first day rather than a seasoned and experienced new and used car sales person of more than 7 years. The overwhelming impression was of a highly customer focused, team player who cannot get enough of dealership life.

Harry has worked in new cars, used cars and in combined teams for the same employer for more than 5 years. Winning multiple awards and significant recognition for his customer service skills as well as sales performance.

Harry's ability to build rapport and trust with customers means he has consistently his that sweet spot of great volume and profit, outstanding upsell as well as brilliant customer feedback.

After a long time with one employer, Harry is seeking a new challenge with a progressive local employer able to harness his evident skills for fair reward.

Car Sales Executive


With more than 3 years experience selling cars in a demanding retail environment, Ian was able to talk me through his excellent performance across a range of metrics including volume, profitability, product upsell and the all important customer feedback. 

Having done all he can at his current business Ian is in search of a bigger and better challenge at a progressie employer where he can use his finely honed skills in return for fair recompense.

New & Used Car Sales Executive


Ben from Merseyside is looking for a new challenge locally. 

An articulate and intelligent individual with a genuinely personable and engaging personality and a highly professional approach, Ben was a joy to interview he listened carefully to my questions and provided considered and credible answers. A no nonsense individual with a very strong work ethic, Ben puts his success down to hard work and a process-driven approach. 

Ben had a proven track record of selling both new and used cars profitably, a structured and successful approach to finance an upsell and a passion for delivering excellence in terms of the customer experience.

Like many people, since the pandemic, Ben has been tempted away from the motor trade for the last year or so by money on offer to people with his skill set and drive. He misses the dynamism and variety of the motor trade and is seeking a return to the right employer.

Used Car Sales Executive


An articulate and intelligent individual with a genuinely personable and engaging personality and a highly professional approach, Kathleen was a joy to interview. Kathleen demonstrated active listening skills whilst listening to my questions, giving credible and detailed answers.

With more than a decades experience selling cars in a franchise retail environment, Kathleen was able to talk me through top quartile performances in teams large and small across all metrics including volume, profitability, product upsell and the all important customer feedback. 

Thanks to the recent turbulence in the trade and through no fault of her own, Kathleen finds herself needing to seek a new challenge. She is looking for a progressive local employer willing to reward effort and attainment appropriately.

Automotive Accountant

Lancashire, North West

Car Sales Executive

North Nottinghamshire

Chris from North Nottinghamshire is looking for a new challenge locally. 

An experienced and capable automotive sales professional with a proven track record in franchise sales. Chris is thoughtful, intelligent and extremely customer focussed.

Chris was able to talk me through an impressive track record in volume and premium franchise environments for national and local dealer groups. Chris was able to evidence a balanced performance of excellent volume, profit, product upsell and outstanding CSI feedback.

Chris has recently moved into the area from the south east and having settled into his new home is seeking his next challenge with a progressive local employer.

Multi-Site Automotive Marketing Manager


An ambitious and focused Automotive Marketing p professional with a wealth of experience across both prestige and volume brands. Theresa is personable, articulate and easy to talk to.

Theresa was able to talk me through her career so far and give specific and detailed examples of her success. A stable CV and a track record of success in a challenging environment make this person a very exciting candidate indeed.

The shake up as a result of the switch to the Agency model has impacted her role requiring to look elsewhere. To learn more about Theresa get in touch today!