April Newsletter

Phheeewwww! There it is March over for another year! From all of us at Veritas Careers we hope that targets were smashed, profits healthy and well deserved bonuses earned.

We can now all make a solemn promise, to never put ourselves through it again - Until September.

The feedback from our clients suggests that all of the above would have been far easier to achieve with a full compliment of the very best people - Something that is becoming more and more difficult to attain as 2024 rolls on.

The Team at Veritas Careers are redoubling our efforts to contact, screen and bring to market high quality candidates motivated to make the next career move - As many of our clients can attest.

If your business needs a next level Service Advisor, Sales Executive, Service Manager or any Key Dealership role - Get in touch today, there is no obligation and everything to gain.

From all of us at Veritas Careers pause – deep breath – and on to an amazing April 2024 and beyond!